Turkish Table Lamps Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish table lamps, Turkey table lamps manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality table lamps from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

FERSA        Türkiye         
s ceiling units, down lights, spot lights, table lamps, wall lights
MLG MURANO ISIK VE CAM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hakan Ertaş    
s ceiling chandelier, ceiling lighting, chandelier, creazioni, decoration lamp, decoration lighting, decorative lamps, furniture, glass, glass accessory, glass chandelier, indoor lighting, interior lighting, italy chandelier, la murrina, lamp, lampshade, led lights, lighting, lighting and glass, murano, murano chandelier, murano glass, murano lighting, object, table lamps, venini, wall lamp, murano avize, murano aydinlatma, avize, murano lighting
KRAFTGRUP        Türkiye     Esra ÖZKINAY    
s mosaic lamp, mosaic hanging, mosaic camel neck, mosaic cap, mosaic desktop, mosaic candle holders, mosaic sets, turkish lamps, turkish lamp, turkish glass lamps, turkish table lamps, turkish glass lamp, turkish style lamps, turkish candle lamps, turkish table lamp, antique lamps, antique light, black lamp, blue lamp, bulb lamp, ceiling lamp, ceiling lighting, ceiling shades, chandelier, chandelier lamp, contemporary lighting, crystal lamp, design lamp, designer lighting, desk lamps, lighting, lampshade, led light, lanterns, ceiling lighting, modern lighting, lamp, ceiling lamp, lamps, light fixtures, mosaic supplies, table lamps, designer lighting, desk lamps, table lights, chandelier, floor lights, lamp shades, mosaic lamp, mosaic lamps, desk lighting, drum lamp, glass lamp, glass light, glass shade, gold lamp, hanging, hanging lamp, hanging lights, lamp base, lamp sets, light shade, lighting chandeliers, modern lamp, mosaic lantern, mosaic light, orange lamp, pendant lighting, pendant shade, reading lamps, red lamp, replacement shades, shade floor, shade standard, shade table, small lamp, standard lampshade, standing lamp, table and floor, vintage lamp
TURKUAZ LAMBA        Türkiye     Güray Şimşek    
s souvenir products, souvenirs, lamps, lamp, lamp set, brass lamps, brass lamp set, single lamps, mosaic brass lamps, desktop lamps, table lamps, candle holders, candle holder, imported lamps, mosaic single lamps, mosaic lamps, narghile, nargile, shisha, hookkah, promotion, gift, narghile magnets, nargileh, nargileh coal, narghile tobacco, nargile komuru, nargile tobacco, nargile accessories, narghile accessories, nargileh tobacco, nargileh accessories, nargile accessory, narghile accessory, nargileh accessory, narghile spares, nargile spares, nargileh spares
MODESCO AYDINLANMA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Cüneyt BAŞAR    
s lighting products, lightings, decorative lighting products, table lamps, floor lamps, floor lamp, decorative spor lighting, outdoor lightings, outdoor lighting products, industrial lighting products, industrial lighting, hanging light, modern hanging lights, wall lamps, indoor wall lamp
s lighting products, lighting fixtures, lighting armatures, lightings, indoor lighting products, lamps, table lamps, lampshade, lamp shade, wall lamps, wall lamp, floor lamps, floor lamp, chandeliers, chandelier
s lighting products, lightings, indoor lighting products, lamps, table lamps, lampshade, lamp shade, wall lamps, wall lamp, floor lamps, floor lamp, chandeliers, chandelier, hanging light, sport model chandelier
s ceiling fixtures, ceiling lighting fixtures, ceiling luminaires, chandelier, chandeliers, floor lamps, indoor lighting, indoor lighting products, lamp, lamps, large chandeliers, led chandeliers, led lighting, lighting fixtures, lighting products, luminaires, table lamps, wall mounted lighting fixtures, wall mounted lights
s ceiling fixtures, ceiling lighting fixtures, ceiling luminaires, chandeliers, floor lamps, indoor lighting, indoor lighting products, lamp, lamps, large chandeliers, led chandeliers, led lighting, lighting fixtures, lighting products, luminaires, table lamps, wall mounted lighting fixtures, wall mounted lights
ANATECH DIS TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Ayşe ACAR    
s computers, household electronics, entertainment electronics, communication technologies, health care products, personal care products, home appliances, whitegoods, pcs, notebooks, scanners, printers, modems, softwares, tvs, dvd players, hi-fis, md players, cameras, telephones, voice mails, faxes, decoders, satellite systems, blood pressure monitors, digital fever thermometers, massage tools, hair styling sets, epilators, hair trimmers, electric shavers, refrigerators, freezers, bread machines, sewing machine, home appliance, air compressor, air compressors, scanner, refrigerator, freezer, personal care product, software, telephone, dvd player, drills, juicer, water dispenser, drill, tea makers, toast machine, epilator, steam cleaners, table lamps, toast machines, water dispensers, juicers, microwave, tea maker, table lamp, bread machine, camera, hair trimmer, tv, modem, microwaves, blood pressure monitor, computer, steam cleaner, printer, pc, fax, planing machine, planing machines, sewing machines, modems, notebook, multimedia products, electric coffeepots, vacuumcleaners, sabre saws, bluetooth earphones, household electronic, entertainment electronic, communication technology, health care product, whitegood, hi-fi, md player, voice mail, decoder, satellite system, digital fever thermometer, massage tool, hair styling set, electric shaver, multimedia product, electric coffeepot, vacuumcleaner, sabre saw, bluetooth earphone
TUGRA AVIZE AYDINLATMA        Türkiye     samet karabulut    
s lighting products, lighting materials, lamps, lamp, chandelier, chandeliers, luminaire, table lamps, table lamp, pendant, pendants, wall lamp, wall lamps, aplique
GUL ELEKTRIK A.S.        Türkiye     Aytek GUL    
s lightings, illuminations, illumination components, home fixtures, home light fixtures, light fixtures, decorative fixtures, decorative light fixtures, decorative home fixtures, bathroom fixtures, bathroom light fixtures, surface mounted fixtures, surface mounted light fixtures, flush mounted fixtures, flush mounted light fixtures, spotlights, spots, downlight fixtures, store fixtures, store light fixtures, reading lamps, table lamps, banker's lamps, led illuminations, led lightings, lighting, il, illumination, illumination co, led lighting, store fixture, decorative fixture, spotlight, light fixture, surface mounted fixture, table lamp, spot, led illumination, reading lamp, reading lamps, bathroom fixtures, illumination component, home fixture, home light fixture, decorative light fixture, decorative home fixture, bathroom fixture, bathroom light fixture, surface mounted light fixture, flush mounted fixture, flush mounted light fixture, downlight fixture, store light fixture, banker's lamp, track light
CETINKAYA AYDINLATMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s chandelier, single stalactites, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, table lamps, lambader
s stationery products, pencils, textile products, toys, cosmetics, glasswares, electronic products, hardwares, jewelries, bijouteries, food products, giftwares, socks, haj materials, wedding materials, home textiles, textiles, tailor materials, textile accessories, scarves, labels, toners, adhesives, envelops, flags, perfumes, sockets, transformers, kitchen utensils, radios, deodorants, cosmetic products, cables, electric materials, balls, teapots, table lamps, books, desks, vacuum cleaners, hair care products, pans, storage boxes, education materials, toy cars, notebooks, tea glasses, remote controlled toy cars, lightbulbs, tea saucers
SONGUL AYDINLATMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Arslan Kerimov    
s lightings, lightingings, lighting products, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, holy place chandeliers, mosque chandeliers, prayer room chandeliers, small mosque chandeliers, lamps, desk lamps, sconces, reading lamps, landscape lightings, garden lightings, wall lamps, apliques, bracket lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, lighting, lightinging, lighting product, chandelier, ceiling lamp, holy place chandelier, mosque chandelier, prayer room chandelier, small mosque chandelier, lamp, desk lamp, sconce, readi, aplique, floor lamp, garden lighting, table lamp, wall lamp, bracket lamp, reading lamp, reading lamps, landscape lighting
ORHANLAR HEDIYELIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Muharrem ORHAN    
s table lamps, single lamps, table lamp, single lamp, wall lamp, wall lamps, chandelier, chandeliers, mosaic lamp, mosaic lamps, ottoman chandelier, ottoman chandeilers, swan lamp, swan lamps, floor lamp, floor lamps, lamp, lamps
SUMER TEKNIK INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mediha Yadigar KARTAL    
s door, lighting, decorative panel, textileinsulation, linens set, bedspread, doors, decorative panels, insulation systems, insulation system, linen sets, bed sheets, sconces, chandeliers, lighthouses, single stalactite, blowing, desk lamp, decorative lamps, sconce, chandelier, lantern, single stalactites, table lamps, duvet cover set, wedding satin duvet cover set, pique, cover set, bed cover set, bed cover, duvet cover sets, wedding satin duvet cover sets, textile, bed covers, insulation, piques, cover sets, bed cover sets, linen sets
YUKSEL AYDINLATMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Satılmış YÜKSEL    
s illumination, illuminations, furniture, furnitures, chandelier, chandeliers, wall lamp, wall lamps, sconce, sconces, floor lamp, floor lamps, reading lamp, reading lamps, table lamp, table lamps, lampshade, lampshades, standard lamp, standard lamps, lamp shade, lamp shades, armature, armatures, spotlight, spotlights, child room lighting, child room lightings, led lighting, led lightings, lighting sets, lighting set, reading lamps
GUL ABAJUR AYDINLATMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sebahattin SARIGÜL    
s floor lamp, table lamp, lampshade, floor lamps, table lamps, lampshades, chandelier, chandeliers, lighting, lights, indoor lighting, lighting fixtures, indoor lighting fixtures, lighting accessories, decorative lights, decorative lighting, decorative lighting fixtures, decorative lamps, decorative chandeliers, decorative table lamps, decorative floor lamps, led lights, led lighting fixture, led bulb, bulb, bulbs, led lighting products, wall mounted lights, wall mounted lighting fixtures, wall mo, wall mounted lamps
VENON AYDINLATMA VE AVIZE TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s modern chandelier, classic chandelier, led-controled chandelier, stalactite chandelier, sequined chandelier, promotional chandelier, single chandelier, armature chandelier, table lamps, sconce, wall lamp, aplique, bracket lamp, chandelier, armature chandelier